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COURTS   OF   PARIS,    NAPLES,   ETC.                315

verdure is brilliant, and the present hills form a
light blue ridge along the horizon.

The I4th Regiment being quartered at the
city of St. Joseph enlivens our prospect, as
some scarlet coat or other is always galloping
along our lemon hedges, which hedges smell
divinely when clipped, especially in the nights
and mornings.

The other day I wandered up a neighbouring
opening in the mountains for a mile or two,
crossing our river Aracagua, or some such name,
and, winding through the forest, came to some
plantations of sugar, coffee and cotton. The
features of the view are gigantic, and sublimely

I have begun a Flora Trinidadensis, and have
already got five flowers in it. There are more
flowering shrubs here than low plants, but still
great varieties of the latter. Everything is enor-
mously dear here: nine guineas a month for our
wooden house, three shillings for a hen, and so

The flat land in view belongs to Governor
Picton, who comes out every Monday, and we
are going to dine there to-day. Trinidad is what
I fancy Britain to have been before the Romans
came—forests opened in strait lines, rivers choked